Purrplexity 5: Personal Biases

If I could just save you...
All my messianic instincts are strong when it comes to you.

For a time, it was very, very difficult for me to love and forgive you.  I have long since accepted that higher calling.

But they do not understand.

If I could just save you right now.
I swear, I will take you far, far away from them.  They are not 'saving' you the right way.

If you are to be 'saved' the wrong way, let it be by me.
Because they do not understand - but I do.

I love and forgive without condition.


Purrplexity: 4

I have been crying a lot lately.  Those unannounced moments of realizing the inevitable separation.

"What is your favorite childhood memory?"

I usually say my childhood isn't over yet.

Well, it will be over soon.  I attach 'childhood' to my siblings.  No, we don't do everything together - but all the funniest, happiest and silliest parts of my memories are almost always full of Chantal, Isobelle and Daniel.  

The whole moving on and away makes such a huge geographical and physical difference.  The family has always been fond of travelling and exploring the heres and theres, and the four of us grew up in a household advocating independence and individuality.  But the values of LOVE and kinship are largely what drives us to be really, really happy and an alive kind of bunch.

Our relationship is ideal and we are quite secure with what we have.  I'm fiercely loyal to few people, but my siblings are at the top of the list.  I remember Mark saying that if I were to be in that cliched, imaginary situation of choosing between the lover and the siblings - I would choose my siblings.  (God forbid that situation to happen.  Disclaimer: I am very much happy with my relationship.)

It's already a significant year.  I have much to be grateful for.  I am grateful for People, who come, go, stay and say goodbye.  Our view(s) on separation have changed throughout the many years.  They are with depth and meaning.  Yes, we understand.  Yes, we know.  Yes, we choose and remain in LOVE.

I spent hours on the phone with Chantal and Isobelle last night (March 21).  Daniel was asleep.  Had he been awake, it would have been such a riot of laughter and fun.  We're used to the loud laughter and silliness (last night was very, very silly) and we never fail to find something to laugh about.

My childhood spanned a quarter of a century.  Not bad, Mom told me.  I cry just because it feels natural to cry when saying goodbye a wonderful childhood.  And Chantal calls me Womanang now.  (Adulthood is already quite fun, by the way).  There really is no point holding back and not letting go.  This is one manifestation of how I understand true love.  And it is supporting what they say is the highest good and the grandest version of the people I love the most.

We will always find ways to keep the Laugh Tradition going. :)

This is a thank-you-blog, dedicated to Mommy and Daddy.
This entry is also dedicated to our cousins, our relatives here and abroad,

and all the lives and loves along the way.